Tyson Fury likened to Muhammad Ali by boxing legend Roy Jones Jr heavyweight greatest WBC champion

Tyson Fury likened to Muhammad Ali by boxing legend

Published On Friday, April 17, 2020By Boxing News Now

RJJ: "Fury has a mind like Ali"

All-time great Roy Jones Jr has lavished praise on WBC world heavyweight king Tyson Fury.

American legend Roy Jones Jr, who won world titles in four weight divisions and is widely regarded as one of the best fighters in the history of boxing, was speaking to iFL TV about Fury’s recent stoppage of fearsome puncher Deontay Wilder.

Jones Jr said: “Tyson Fury is one of the smartest guys in boxing today. I told him straight three or four years ago that if he got his act together and himself in shape, he’d be very happy with the outcome because he can beat all the guys.

“He’s smarter than most of them. He’s more gifted in boxing than most of them. He uses his tools smarter than most of them. Muhammad Ali was the greatest of all time but he only used 65% boxing skill and 35% was his mind. So much of boxing is mental.

“I’m not saying Fury is as good as Ali skill-wise but he has a mind like Ali. With a mind like that, he can be anybody.

“I think it was at a local show I saw him at and I said to him: ‘If you just give yourself to boxing for five years, you’ll be amazed and you’ll beat all these guys.’ I love him to death. I’m so happy for him and proud of him that he was able to do it.

“I see him as the No. 1 and I think him against Joshua is a good fight. Joshua has more weaponry than Wilder and has more to bring to the table than Wilder. He has a few plans.”

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