Predictions for Deontay Wilder vs Luis Ortiz 2

Predictions for Deontay Wilder vs Luis Ortiz 2

Published On Wednesday, September 11, 2019By Boxing News Now

BNN ask experts who wins the Deontay Wilder vs Luis Ortiz rematch

Unbeaten World Boxing Council heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder (41-0-1, 40 KOs) fights Cuban southpaw Luis Ortiz (31-1, 26 KOs) for the second time, with the likely date of November 23 pencilled in and the champion's native New York as the probable setting.

In their first fight, Ortiz started sharply and countered successfully, landing the long backhand on several occasions. The challenger had an exceptional fourth round but the champion chopped him down in the fifth. In the sixth round, they traded heavily but each stood firm under fire. In the seventh, Wilder was hurt and was forced to hang on and barely survived the round. A right hand from Wilder in the ninth staggered Ortiz and from then on he was dazed and his timing was off, allowing Wilder to land at will until he finished him clinically in the 10th round.

Wilder, 33, comes into the contest from defeating fellow countryman Dominic Breazeale by technical knockout in the first round on May 18. 'The Bronze Bomber' is unbeaten in 42 contests and will be defending his green and gold belt for the 10th time.

Opponent Ortiz is now 40-years-old and has 26 KOs from 31 victories. His sole defeat was against Wilder in 2018, but is eager to exact his revenge 18 months on.

Boxing News Now asked their panel of boxing experts for their view on who wins the Deontay Wilder vs Luis Ortiz rematch:


Chris Evangelou
Retired boxer from London

"I predict Wilder to win by KO, between rounds 6-9.

I just feel that Wilder will have the confidence from the previous fight, with the added caution that Ortiz is a talented technical boxer. Ortiz for me is a little past his prime and his age will show."


Luis Ortiz is currently a 3/1 underdog at the bookies


Tim Rickson
Sports Agent

"After Wilder's demolition of Dominic Breazeale, I think he's a man on a mission to answer all his critics for good.

Ortiz did hurt Wilder in their first fight, he started brightly and came so close to scoring the upset, but he couldn't finish him off and the fight ended as another Wilder stoppage victory. The champion has get out of jail power and can finish a fight clinically.

I think the WBC champion comes out all guns blazing and stops the Cuban early, within the first three rounds.

I'm not a fan of Wilder's style, but he is effective."


Deontay Wilder has 20 first-round KO's on his record


Mick Kane
Boxing Writer

"Luis Ortiz caused Wilder all sorts of problems in their last fight but ultimately Wilder came through and handed Ortiz his only loss to date. The veteran Cuban will want to exact revenge but I can't see him being successful.

Wilder will have confidence that he came through a bad period in their last fight and knocked him Ortiz out. Ortiz will be a year or two older. With potential super fights on the line for Wilder should he win against the likes of Fury and the winner of Joshua/Ruiz then I just expect him to get the job done.

I'm going for an early stoppage this time around. 3rd TKO Wilder."


Luis Ortiz won his pro debut against American boxer Lamar Davis in 2010 in under 80 seconds


Jordan Neild
Boxing News Now Writer

"I think the fight plays out very similar to the first. In my opinion, Ortiz has all the fundamentals to beat Wilder but he is now almost 2 years older than he was first time round and although he is on a three fight win streak since the defeat, we can't be completely sure how much the first fight has taken out of him. I think Ortiz will be wary of the power coming from Wilder after being stopped first time round and can see him trying to frustrate and pick his attacks very cautiously, but as his gas tank begins to empty towards the back end of the fight, I think Wilder will step on it and take him out.

Wilder between 8-10 by KO."


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Paul Stevenson
Head Coach at Everton Red Triangle

"Wilder had some stylistic problems with Ortiz first time around and I can see there being some similar problems again. It’s difficult to get good southpaw sparring at heavyweight and Wilder looked like he could use it in the first fight.

But Ortiz is 40 now and was broken down by Wilders power and persistence. How much damage did that loss do?  How much desire has he got left? 

Wilder is rare in that he has power from first bell till last, I haven’t seen a heavyweight with such good late power since David Tua. Will Ortiz relish a full night of that?

When it comes to rematches in boxing, the result generally goes the same way as the first fight but quicker, so I’d pick wilder inside 8 rounds after having a couple of difficult rounds on the way."


Deontay earned the nickname “The Bronze Bomber” after claiming a bronze medal at the Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics


Fabrizio Spagna

Boxing News Now Writer

"Luis Ortiz is a wasted talent. Technically, I would argue that he is the best fighter in the division. He has come out and said that he continues to fight to provide for his family (and daughter in particular). Unfortunately for him, he is a victim of the Cuban amateur system that encourages fighters to be top amateurs, rather than turn professional and earn the money that their skills merit. No one actually knows how old Ortiz is and physically he doesn't have the attributes to keep someone as explosive as Wilder off him for 12 rounds.

At some point in the first 4 rounds Wilder will hit Ortiz, hurt him and finish him."


Luis Ortiz KO Ratio: 76%


Sergio Michel
Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist

"Luis Ortiz started the exposure process on Deontay Wilder that Tyson Fury finished. Wilder will not improve in the span of Wilder Ortiz I to II boxing skill-wise; only physical performance-wise. Which means, the only shot Wilder has to take out Ortiz is the only shot he had in fight one - one big wild punch that happens to land.

Ortiz, however, has skill, power and top-tier boxing ability. Ortiz can withstand Wilder's best punches and box Wilder's head off for a considerable time.

However, this match may wind up like the first. Wilder outboxed until a wild hook clips Ortiz."


Deontay Wilder KO Ratio: 95%


Ace Adam
Super-middleweight debutant

"I think Wilder learnt a lot from his Tyson Fury experience, just look at the way he knocked out Dominic Breazeale, it was amazing!

Wilder will take him out in the first five rounds, I think."


Kieran Gething
Welsh Area super-lightweight champion

"I’d like to see Ortiz get a pay off for all his years in boxing and win the world title, however I feel that Wilder will have learned a lot about his opponent from the first fight and may finish him even earlier!

Wilder within 7, I predict!"


Ortiz has fought 18 more professional rounds than Wilder


Robbie Davies Jr
British super-lightweight champion

"When watching the first fight I thought Ortiz was going to win be a landslide after the first few rounds, then Wilder's power made the difference.

Second time around, as Wilder knows he can hurt him and Ortiz has aged that bit more, I think Wilder will KO him quicker and in better fashion this time around."


Wilder has had eight more fights than Ortiz


Matt Marsh
British super-bantamweight champion

"I think Wilder wins again, but this time he'll be more careful of his approach to box him, but will stop him later rounds."


Deontay has defended the WBC world title nine times to opponents with combined records of 229-12-3


Raza Hamza
Unbeaten featherweight

"Deontay Wilder will win by knockout and will nail Ortiz during rounds 7-10.

Whilst I think Ortiz will have his moments and win some rounds, his age will show. Wilder will carry power all through the fight."


Luis Ortiz won the WBC FECARBOX heavyweight title in his third fight


Ryan Walsh
British featherweight champion

"The last time we saw Wilder in a rematch was Stiverne and look how that went. His last KO against Breazeale was savage. Judging on his one recent rematch, I expect the same KO result, just quicker. That dodgy draw to Fury seem to have added something to Wilder, possibly confidence."


Deontay Wilder has held the WBC title for 4 years and nine months so far


Ben Day
Southern Area lightweight champion

"I think this is a pointless rematch for Wilder, maybe it's just to keep busy or active, I don’t  know, but you have already beaten him once.

Ok, Ortiz is 40 and many might think he’s over the hill but I think age isn’t the problem, it’s the miles on the clock, I can’t see any outcome different from the last time - Wider by knockout."


Ortiz is 40-years-old, seven years Wilder's senior 


Bolu Kareem
Middleweight debutant

"Deontay Wilder by knockout. He is probably the greatest puncher of all time, his power and range will be too much for Luis Ortiz. He has knocked him out before so I feel like it would be in even more brutal fashion now because I feel Ortiz is old and past his prime."


Wilder KO's Ortiz in the 10th round of their first fight


Aqib Tahlat
Boxing News Now Writer

"I think that Wilder will win quite convincingly as Ortiz isn’t getting any younger and Wilder is learning with every fight.

Ortiz has the experience and can possibly trouble him, however I think his legs won’t allow him to go deep into the fight.

Wilder to win by KO in the 3rd round."


All 16 of the panel are picking Wilder to win by KO