Alejandra “La Tigre” Jiménez WBC super-middleweight title from heavyweight

Former heavyweight world champion Alejandra Jiménez wins WBC super-middleweight title

Published On Tuesday, January 14, 2020By Boxing News Now

Alejandra “La Tigre” Jiménez - From heavyweight to super-middleweight world titles

Mexico’s Alejandra “La Tigre” Jiménez made history  Saturday night, by defeating the  Franchon Crews Dezurn, to win the World Boxing Council super middleweight belt at the Alamodome of San Antonio, Texas, after an absolutely hair raising non stop slugfest.

After 10 intense rounds of action, two Judges saw Jiménez win with 97-93 and 98-92 cards, while the third  one saw the American as winner with a 96-93 card.

Some choice words had been exchanged between Jimenez and Crews in the build up to this contest, and they were instantly replaced not by garlands, but rather with bunches of punches once the opening bell clanged.

A peach of a left hook to the side of the head from Franchon found the target and she waded in with some eye watering right hooks to sting Alejandra, who prudently clinched, in order to weather the extraordinary onslaught. More Franchon left right combinations followed, while Aldjandra landed some thudding blows to the body, in an outright ring war.

More of the same in round two with both throwing caution to the wind. Two crisp rights to the head from Franchon, but at a cost because she received a bevvy of heavy body blows including some sinking rib ticklers. In round three neither was willing to back off. Franchon landed a hard left right combo and the compliment was returned in kind and with a degree of interest by Alejandra. Another big right was soaked up by taller advancing Alejandra, with both testing each others` chin. What  vim!

By round four Alejandra was starting to walk through Franchon`s firepower to deliver her own artillery. Two more  cracking rights  from Franchon and then a monumental answering right from Alejandra who slammed combinations into Franchon`s body unleashing a furious two fisted attack. The crowd were in a frenzy. They were witnessing controlled ferocity at its most intense.

In round five Franchon was  pummeled, getting caught with a sizzling right to the head, and then magnificently replying with almost exactly the same punch. Then two more rights to the head from Alejandra. A left right combination from Alejandra ended the round and Franchon`s lower lip was bleeding. Emphatically answering this Franchon connected with a left right comination in round six, but Alejandra was getting through with yet more right hooks and overhead rights.

In round eight a well timed left hook from Alejandra who was upping the pace of her attack. In round nine Franchon was again head hunting with a monumental right connecting. Clinching, they  both tumbled to the canvass and Franchon`s ginger hair piece came unstuck. The sheer electric atmosphere was undimmed. As they say: “Keep your hair on!”  By this stage, Alejandra had a nose bleed.

In the one minute of respite leading to the tenth and final round, Franchon`s Corner decided to relieve her of her ginger mop, so as the bell rang, she appeared with a short back and sides.  A hard right caught her in the middle of the face, so Francheon measured Alejandra for a sizzling left right combination followed by a right uppercut, and another right. Alejandra replied with her own right and they fought flat out to the final bell. The intensity of willpower was awesome.   What a fantastic no quarter asked, no quarter given contest, which surely merits a rematch. Hats off… (and wigs) to them both!!

This exceptionally hard fought victory makes “Tigre” Jiménez a two-time world champion, as she previously held the heavyweight title of the WBC.

The Mexican, drastically changed her diet, underwent intense training and lost up to 168 pounds, looking for new opportunities and better purses for her career.

Alejandra already took a first big step, because she fought through DAZN and ESPN, on international television, to win the title and become the first fighter in history, who goes down from heavyweight to super middleweight to be crowned.

With this result, Alejandra Jiménez raised her record to 13-0-1, with 9 knockouts, while Crews Dezurn is now  6-2, with two knockouts.