Bob Arum targets Las Vegas or Edinburgh for undisputed clash between Josh Taylor and Jose Ramirez

Bob Arum targets Las Vegas or Edinburgh for undisputed clash between Josh Taylor and Jose Ramirez

Published On Thursday, September 24, 2020By Ben Davies

Top Rank President Bob Arum believes that Josh Taylor can face Jose Ramirez in 2021 for the undisputed clash with a whole host of venues being explored

Bob Arum believes that Josh Taylor and Jose Ramirez will face off for the undisputed light-welterweight world titles in 2021, and is targeting a number of venues including Las Vegas and Edinburgh providing that fans can be in attendance according to Covid-19 guidelines.

Taylor takes on Apinun Khongsong on Saturday night looking to remove any ring rust, and continue his way towards a mega clash with Ramirez in the next calendar year and has previously spoke of his desire to fight in his native scotland and raise his profile.

Ramirez has successfuly defended his belts against Viktor Postol in August 2020, maintaing his undefeated record with majority decision win in the MGM bubble, and is continuing to push for the very top fights in the light-welterweight division.

Arum confirmed that he will be looking to make the fight, and believes there are a range of venues that will be hoping to take the fight, with such high stakes and a superb bout anticipated for the undisputed name.

"Edinburgh is a beautiful city. Me and Josh [Taylor] were talking about it being a university town, I’ve never done a fight in Edinburgh. Years ago, I did a fight in Glasgow. Glasgow is kind of a hardscrabble town compared to Edinburgh. Still, I’m looking forward to Edinburgh because a lot of the kids in the United States because a lot of them go to Edinburgh when they do university work and visit friends.

“And as far as Jose Ramirez is concerned, he said he doesn’t care where the fight is [with Taylor]. Wherever economically it is best to do the fight, he’s for it, whether doing it in Scotland, London, or doing it back in the United States.

“Wherever the fight makes the most sense, the fight will happen. Josh, of course, has a job to do on Saturday. That’s a funny thing. You got this Thai guy [Apinun Khongsong], who looks heavy-handed, but who has he really fought in his career?

“Most of his opponents are unknown to us, but he looks like he’s a big puncher. So Josh will have to watch out for him, and he’ll have his work cut out for him. Hopefully, he’ll be victorious, and then we can start planning the unification for the four titles."

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